Tanjareen on Episode 10: THE SEMI-FINALS

It’s getting down to the nitty gritty, as many of the VBL teams have already been eliminated.  The day went by quickly because there was just 1 exhibition game and 2 semi-final games.  Still DB & I had a ball hosting!

Exhibition Game: UNITED NATIONS vs. FREE AGENT ALL STARS – Players that didn’t make the playoffs were allowed to join the Free Agents today to give the U.N. a run for their money.  This game turned out to be a close competition, but UNITED NATIONS still came out on top. Don’t underestimate Handsome Ansom & his internationional crew.  Here’s a pic of both teams.

GAME 1: HOLLYWOOD HOOPS vs. TEAM ADVANTAGE – The #4 seat, Hollywood Hoops, didn’t stand a chance against the super undefeated #1 team.  This game was truly a blow out!  Which is too bad ’cause I really like Hollywizzle & his team.  But The White Shadow and his crew are very good at kicking butt and taking names. Congratulations to TEAM ADVANTAGE for making it to next week’s finals.

Game 2: VENICE ALL STARS vs. THE MEAN ONES – These are 2 of my favorite VBL teams.  And if anyone can take the crown from the All Stars (besides Team Advantage), it would be The Grinch and his goons.  Jon Nash promised his All Stars would beat all the remaining teams by 20 points, however The Mean Ones did not go down without a fight.  When it was all said and done, the VENICE ALL STARS won by only 4 points.  Kudos to the reigning champs.  See ya next year, Mean Ones.

Shots-out to LIVITY OUTERNATIONAL for sponsoring this episode & donating sustainable clothing for our free-throw contest. They gave me this groovy tanjareen hat too.

Thanks to SCRATCH ACADEMY for DJ-ing the games.

My sister Taj-Zsa and her friend Eboni enjoyed the games.

I want the po-pos to make a VBL team against the Fire Dept.

Guigui & his girls

mama Guigui & the girls

Sideline support

The ladies love me.  LOL at her shirt!

Like Diana Ross, “I want muscles!”

I found these girls for the fellas.

The folks at Venice Beach are hilarious!

WTH??  Does he know his goodies are hangin?

Today was a hoot! We’ll see ya next week.

Tanjareen – The VBL Queen