What a fantastic day we had once again. Special thanks to Gil llewellyn for coming to teach the kids special ball handling skills and to Pat from the RVCA surf team to take his time and come to teach the kids some surfing. We had so much fun, the water was warm and the sun came out just on time.

VBL games started with an all star presentation of Free Agents VS U.N. with lots high flying action and poster dunks… here is a preview, stay tuned for highlights…

First Semi-Finals game was Team Advantage who ran a fundamental basketball clinic against Hollywood Hoops and came up with an easy win. Unfortunately  losers have to go home. Its been a great season for Hollywizzle and his superstar crew. Team Advantage just plays so well together and play basketball to the perfection and are the #1 contenders to win the finals next week

The game that everyone was waiting for was the rematch of the two home teams Venice All Stars and Mean Ones who always play with great passion and hate each other. The game was down to the wire but the world champions found a way to pull it off in the end…

Stay tuned for next week Bikini Ball, All-Star Game, Dunk CONTEST, Celeb Game and VBL FINALS!