VWL Week 2 Recap

Written by Sydney Imus and Alex Semerjian


Hoopbus vs. Gage

Week 2 of the VWL tipped off with a matchup between Team Hoopbus and Team Gage who both came into the weekend with an opening weekend loss. Player of the game Brianna was a standout, easily leading Hoopbus to a 52-44 victory with 17 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks. Kaylyn’s shooting game (14 pts, 3 3 pointers) and Jordyn’s athleticism (10 pts, 4 reb) kept Gage at arm’s length for part of the 3rd quarter, but Hoopbus’ Kani (10 pts, 10 reb) and Asia (9 pts) helped player of the week, Bri put Gage away in the second half. Though Hoopbus comes away with a strong win this weekend, they’ll need to regroup to force another next week. Brianna’s double-double was her first and last performance in Venice for the summer, as she returns home to the Bay. The Hoopbus bench will need to do more to have a chance at bringing down undefeated Dr.’s Orders this coming weekend.


Lady Sweat vs. Basketball Beauties

The second matchup was the most anticipated of the weekend with Lady Sweat and Bball Beauties proving themselves at opening weekend as championship contenders. Lady Sweat emerged victorious once again with a 55-36 beatdown. Last week’s player of the week, MJ Icey, who also currently leads the league in scoring, put up 18 points for Bball Beauties, followed by another Bball Beauties star, Christina (8 pts). While Bball Beauties continued to rely on their two stars, Lady Sweat cemented themselves as a team talent. Player of the game, Bald Barbie (11 pts, 9 reb) along with Hailey (13 pts, 4 reb), Daaylan (13 pts, 7 reb), and Tony Romiti (6 pts, 11 reb) were in sync with each other from tip-off. Lady Sweat’s win was due to their rebound game, with the whole team fighting for every opportunity to get possession. Lady Sweat’s grit and motivation easily win them the title of toughest team in the VWL. Basketball Beauties have incredible stars in MJ and Christina, but two talents aren’t enough to earn them a win next weekend.


Dr.’s Orders vs. Mango House

VWL Week 2 ended with a matchup between Dr’s Orders and Mango House, resulting in a 47-39 win for Dr’s Orders. After a rough start, the bench of Mango House led by Lolo (8 pts, 3 stl) and Ryan (8 pts, 3 ast) made the game close and competitive. Dr’s Orders was able to pull away in the 4th quarter, led by player of the game Theresa “Sweet T” (16 pts, 8 reb), who leads the young season in rebounds while ranking in the top three for points and assists as well. Ashley (8 reb, 4 ast) and Ashlee (8 pts, 9 reb, 5 ast) showed their name chemistry on the court for Dr’s Orders, moving the ball well and pushing the pace. Dr’s Orders looks like an early season contender and favorite for the inaugural VWL championship, and remains undefeated going into the third week of the VWL.