New league Layups to Standup starts on Jordan rooftop downtown

Summer’s Here


Over the weekend, VeniceBall started its 2019 basketball campaign in the Layups 2 Standup basketball league. Playing on the mesmerizing and surreal rooftop court above the state-of-the-art, downtown Los Angeles Jordan flagship store, Veniceball cruised to a 64-58 victory in its inaugural game.


Led by team captain, Farnold Degand, who was also named player of the game, the All-Star VeniceBall squad kept up a dynamic and aggressive pace that overwhelmed the opposing squad, Main Event.


The well-balanced attack was highlighted by a cameo from streetball legend, Sikwitit. Fashionably late, “Sik” managed to steal the show as he knocked down his first three 3-point shots. He then shutdown the store as he beautifully circumnavigated his hand around the ball on a break and tapped it right by the defender’s face for the no-look dime. It was a sight to see.


So as SoCal reels from the dreariest winter in decades, Veniceball, true to form, is back with its energy-infused brand of basketball and vibrant beach style.


Have no fear, summer’s here.

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  1. With about six minutes left in the game, the crowd starts yelling to Geno Auriemma, “We want Elena!” and “Put Elena in!” Their pleas are granted with just over four minutes left in the contest, as Delle Donne scurries over to the table to be subbed in. The excitement is building and peaks right when she steps on the floor. There is a dramatic sigh when she misses a pull up three-pointer, but her 10-point performance is capped off with a fierce drive to the basket for a three-point play opportunity. This play is enough to keep the crowd excited all the way through the final whistle.

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