NBA is back! LA the highlight city – Media Day

Lights, camera, action ! The NBA is back and on time! Lakers VS Clippers. Who will come out with the victory?

These 2 teams are so stacked with many young gunners and veterans. LA is killing it right now. How can you not be a fan of both teams now with so much coolness and swag in our city of Angels.

My opinion is that Lakers are the best most experienced starting 5 in the NBA but Clippers have a deeper bench with more heart and chemistry. Clippers will be on ESPN sports Center every night. LA aka the highlight city.

The 5 new members: Grant Hill is smiling , Lamar Odom happy to be back with the Clippers, Jamal Crawford ,Ronny Turiaf , Matt Barnes are focused. Trey Tompkins sacrificed his jersey to the legend G-Money.    

CP3, Billups, Griffin, Butler, Jordan as starters and underrated Bletso off the bench. It’s going to be an explosive mix!!