Enjoying Hardwood Action in More Ways Than One – Great mobile apps for basketball fans

Enjoying Hardwood Action in More Ways Than One 
Great mobile apps for basketball fans 

The advent of mobile gadgets has definitely changed how the world works. Business-wise, companies gradually realized that to get maximum exposure and customer interaction, adopting an online persona wasn’t just optional but necessary. 
Companies that made good use of their online channels have certainly seen these ventures pay great dividends. This applies to both companies whose main line of business are still in their brick-and-mortar establishments, and those who exclusively operated online. Of the former, Wal-Mart is one of the bigger success stories, having generated more than $10 billion through online sales by 2013’s end. Already in 4th place in the {Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide}, this huge surge in sales has put the company in contention for 2nd spot on the vaunted list. 
As for the latter type of business, online games developer IGT – whose titles are prominently featured on gaming site [Castle Jackpot] – was granted the title of {Slot Manufacturer of the Year} at the 7th Annual International Gaming Awards earlier this year. This propelled its status even further, giving it more leverage to close a deal with Matsui Gaming Machine LTD and expand its business into {Asian territories}. 
More than revolutionizing the business landscape, though, mobile gadgets have also redefined consumer lifestyles. For sports aficionados, they have made how we enjoy sporting events nowadays differ greatly from how people used to do it in years past. With the onset of portable gadgets, we can now get our daily dose of sporting goodness even when not in front of the TV screen. Moreover, it’s not all passive watching, since many apps on these mobile devices actually require your input to fully enjoy. 
Basketball fans definitely aren’t left wanting when it comes to these kinds of software. There are actually quite a number of them out there; and some of the best ones are given below for your perusal. 
1. For the NBA fan who must get his hands on every officially-licensed product, the NBA Game Time app is thankfully a quality title to install. With it, you’re constantly alerted and updated with the latest stats and developments in and around the league. Purchase a League Pass upgrade, and you’re granted access to pre-recorded matches on demand; and even a healthy number of ongoing ones. If you don’t want to miss a single second of the season’s action, nothing beats this app. 
2. NBA purists want more than just the current season’s stats. These are the kinds of guys who must delve into every single stat sheet to determine whether Elgin Baylor could’ve {given LeBron a run for his money}, or if MJ really is the G.O.A.T. For these fans, the Pro Basketball Pocket Reference is a must-have. With its comprehensive data of stats from all eras of the pro league, users now have a handy reference tool whenever basketball greatness debates come up. 
3. Of course, the only way for some people to prove their points is to actually put their stats-based theories to the test; hence the existence of fantasy leagues. In mobile app form, Yahoo Fantasy Basketball is quite possibly the best of the lot. It allows you to build your team from the whole roster of the NBA, and turn that team into a well-oiled machine by studying the various stats and personalities of the players and how they play off against each other. You can even create or join a league and talk player trades with other armchair GMs. 
Getting season tickets is still the best way for the true fan to {take in all of the NBA}. That said, while there’s no equal substitute for attending the games live, the advancement of technologies has definitely provided many satisfactory alternatives.