Tanjareen on Episode 7

Episode 7 of the VBL was AWESOME. DB, Mouthpiece, and I had a great time hosting!

Game 1: TEAM ADVANTAGE vs. THE FRAT – Brian McKnight, his son Plastic Man, & Pretty Boy Bo played their hearts out.  In fact, B-Knight landed several long jumpshots in a row! Yet they were still no match for TEAM ADVANTAGE and their big White Shadow.

Game 2: UNITED NATIONS vs THE BARTENDERS – I guess THE BARTENDERS were drunk ’cause they couldn’t get past Handsome Ansom and The Dragon of UNITED NATIONS.  Don’t sleep on this culturally-diverse team.

Game 3: VENICE HEAT vs. THE MEAN ONES – I love firemen, so I really want the VENICE HEAT to succeed, but at this point, I’m not sure why they keep showing up if they’re not gonna really ball.  The Grinch and his MEAN ONES did what they do best, scare off the competition.

Game 4: VENICE ALL STARS vs. HOLLYWOOD HOOPS – I’m a huge fan of Hollywizzle and his team, but it seems like they gave up at the beginning of this game.  THE VENICE ALL STARS whooped them by 20 points!  In fact, Jon Nash says his ALL STARS are going to beat everyone by 20 points and win the VBL championship once again!  They even took the trophy and posed with it on the court!  Is anyone gonna contest these guys?  Can The Beast really guard the White Shadow of the undefeated TEAM ADVANTAGE?

Game 5: SUNBLOCK vs. KILL THEY HYPE – It was my understanding that KILL THE HYPE was created to stop VENICE ALL STARS from winning the crown every year, but these HYPE guys won’t even make it to the finals. However SUNBLOCK was a great match-up for them and went on to “kill” THE HYPE in a very close and entertaining compettion.  And DB was hilarious while commentating this grand finale game!

The weather was cold, but the players were HOT!

Look, they’re pierced!

Yummy Angels!

Don’t worry fellas.  I got one for you too.  VBL booty shorts. 😛

The VBL is great family fun! Here we are with Nick’s mom & my sister Taj-Zsa.

DB the Don.

Dave watches DJ Gimel…

…and suddenly DJ Dave is transfomed! LOL!

King Kedar (comedian/actor from “Marmaduke” & “Preacher’s Kid”)

Virgil Carter (Eddie Murphy’s movie double)

I had a ball this week…even without my microphone :-/

See ya at the beach,

Tanjareen – The VBL Queen