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Tanjareen on the mic

Tanjareen is an all-around performing artist. Her film credits include: MISS MARCH, LOVE FOR SALE, JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CATTLE CALL, ONLY IN AMERICA & HURRICANE IN THE ROSE GARDEN. Her TV credits include: CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, WITHOUT A TRACE, GIRLFRIENDS, ACCORDING TO JIM, THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM, HOWARD STERN, STRONG MEDICINE, THE PARKERS, WANDA AT LARGE, THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW, V.I.P, ARLISS, CITY GUYS & several national commercials. As an on-air radio personality: she co-hosted a comedy show on Jamie Foxx’s FOXXHOLE for SIRIUS-XM SATELLITE RADIO & she co-hosted CHOPPING IT UP LIVE on DherbsRadio.com. Miss Martin is also a model, producer, sketch comic, amateur boxer, & pole-dancer!

Since playing high school basketball, TJ has had an enormous love for the sport. But fellas, you better stay on your A-game, cause there’s no telling WHAT “The VBL Queen” will blurt out on the mic about you! We are pleased to have her as our official VBL First Lady.

Tanjareen’s VBL tummy
Tanjareen VBL abs

Tanjareen, Brian McKnight, and DB

Tanjareen and Laker Sasha Vujacic

Tanjareen and Laker Sasha Vujacic

DB, AC Green, and Tanjareen

DB, AC Green, and Tanjareen

Tanjareen interviews the VBL champs

Tanjareen interview The Venice All Stars

The VBL Family

The VBL Clique

Hosting 3 years strong!

Tanjareen and DB

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