VBL Q&A of the Day: Robin Kennedy AKA Sik Wit It

Through all the hustle and bustle happening at the Venice Basketball League, we had the chance to sit down with a VBL Veteran, streeball legend and get his insight on the VBL, basketball, and its vital roll to the community. So, grab a Berry Burst BiPro Protein Water and kick back & relax.

Robin Kennedy AKA Sik Wit It

(Sik Wit It – Photo By Tyree Harris @intheseeyes)

Venice Basketball League (VBL): How long have you been playing in the Venice Basketball League?

Sik Wit It (SWI): “I’ve been playing in Venice since I was 19 years old. Well, there were streetball games but it wasn’t necessarily called the Venice Basketball League. The VBL as we know it started about 10 years or something, so I guess I would say like maybe 17 years.”

VBL: Wow, that’s true dedication to the game.

SWI: “Yea, definitely,” Sik Wit It answers with a smile and laugh. My time with And1 was the best basketball experience and changing of a basketball era that helped make me a worldwide name for myself in this game at a level that wasn’t the NBA so I’m very grateful for the opportunity AND 1 gave me, the mindset of this type of game… the direction the game has evolved to. It is amazing that all ages are playing in their own ways.

VBL: How have you seen the league grow since you have been playing?

SWI: “How I’ve seen the league grow? Ugh, first it was kind of more celebrity style because Venice Beach is known for its movies and Hollywood, but since Nick Ansom has come in, organized it all and spread the word, more people that play in various leagues all over the world have realized that Venice Beach is a top notch outdoor league. Talent brings more talent. It’s amazing. It has grown tremendously because of good people.”

VBL: So, it’s expanding more to not just celebrity people. If you can ball, you can play.

SWI: “Exactly, it’s expanding more to pro and semi-pro league people that play hard and just want to hone their own game, show what they can do outdoors.”

VBL: So, as a vet & ambassador of the VBL. What are your thoughts on the ‘Build Courts, Not Walls’ campaign? What’s the importance of that to you?

SWI: “The importance of that is, if we build more courts, get people involved in productive initiatives, there would be fewer people in jails. Anybody can play basketball; basketball brings people together and, at the beach, it’s like a family event with the competition. So, that’s important to me to build more courts for people to play onto, and not more walls or jails really. In the long run, everyone should support these initiatives”

VBL: Keeping our youth out of trouble, getting the young kids involved with the game in a fun manner, and doing something productive.

SWI: “Yea, exactly, just like Kids VBL on Sunday mornings. I go there sometime to coach”

VBL: How would you describe the VBL?

SWI: I would describe the VBL to a person that has never been, simply as a family event out on the beach; bring chairs to watch some of the best basketball players in California area and worldwide. They go at it in what I think is some the most beautiful court in the world. Great outdoor competition, best game in the world – BASKETBALL. The league has the dopest MCs in the game and a great group of passionate people managing it. It’s a fun show and… it’s free! At the end of the day, I can talk all I want but one has to come and see it to decide for themselves. So, come to check out the new courts and watch us play!

VBL: How many more years are you going to play?

SWI: As long as I can!

VBL: Good talking to you Sik, see you next week.

SWI: You got it, later’

You can catch Sik Wit It and other great players at VBL every Sunday starting @ 12 noon. Meet us at the courts.