Official rules governing the current NBA season shall be used to govern VBL play with the following additions and exceptions:


* Games will consist of 8 minute quarters with 2 minute breaks between quarters and 15 minutes between halves.

* Each team will be allotted TWO 30 second time outs each half.

* A running clock will be used until the last two (2) minutes of the game.

* Time will continue to run and will not be stopped if there is a differential of ten (10) or more points entering the final two (2) minutes of play.

* In games closer than the ten (10) point differential, special rules will govern play, in order to account for fouls and the advancement of the ball.

* Under 10 seconds in the 4th quarter if a player gets caught for a reaching foul 5 seconds will go back on the clock

* No free throws will be attempted until the the last minute of the game. 1 shot will be attempted for 2 or 3 points.

* If a player is FOULED HARD in the act of shooting, two (2) or three (3) points will be granted to his team accordingly.  Fouls are called at the referee’s discretion and will result in two (2) points being awarded to offensive team.

* Just like in soccer continuation applies, the ref may call a foul late depending if the offense can get by…

* No player can foul out.

*6 seconds to cross half court

* The hand is regarded as part of the ball.


* In case of a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a three (3) minute overtime with a stoppable clock.  If a tie exists after the first overtime, a sudden death overtime will be played, starting with a jump ball.  The first team to score is declared the winner.

* No game shall end in a tie.

* NO ZONE DEFENSES will be permitted.  Man to man at all times.  A team will get a one (1) point penalty every time this rule is broken.

*If your team is up you will have 10 seconds to shoot within the last minute of regulation.

* Substitutions may happen at any time in the game.  One player must HIGH FIVE the other from out of bounds to step in the game.

* Anyone receiving an unsportsmanlike technical foul MUST immediately sit out three (3) consecutive minutes.  Venice Beach is a family beach atmosphere.  Be respectful.  The use of repetitive profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in permanent expulsion from the league.


* A team may start with ten (10) registered players and three (3) alternate.  Ten (10) players is the maximum a team can have on the bench each game.

* For playoffs a player must have played at least in one game prior unless he or she is a celebrity or from the free agents team

* Every player must sign a responsibility waver as well as a video consent.  All highlights will be posted online at VeniceBall.com