LEBRON Bringing THE HEAT! He finally made up his mind on NATIONAL TV

So the word is finally out that Lebron will be playing for miami this year. This National TV presentation was more hyped than a speech by the President during the elections.  Predictions already call a Lakers VS Heat Finals… Comments?

Michael Stewart I know everyone is hating on Lebron right now but i actually have mad respect for him looking at this as a straight bball player he defied the norm of the Nba He didn’t take the money and went where ultimately he will have the best chance at winning which is what it is all about. Congratulations to Lebron James for bringing the Love of Basketball and not Money back to the NBA (lakers in 7)

Benny Lew What! Miami! Enjoy winning for the next 10 years fellas!

J.c. Mouthpiece Thompson Lebron in Miami. WoW!!!! Miami is crackin right now!!!! All the cuban broads are getting suited and booted! Ya Diggggg!!!!

Gabriella Rio Clair Oh Man all this league talk and the excitment of where everyone will be next season has me soo excited! Where will Bron Bron go? If he ends up in MIA i dont wanna hear 1 person compare him to Jordon or Kobe cuz he will have Wade and Bosh to make him look pretty… So excited for next season as a laker fan and a BBall fan Id like to see some competitoion for our 3rd ring!

Lavann Gaut haha you know it s a wrap for them lakers kobe got his last ring my nig and now its over for coloradokobe sorry mike maybe youll be the new blackmamba nah nah nah nah hey hey hey good bye…..lol!!!

Billy Doran good point by an ESPN columnist: In the 2008 Gold medal game in the Olympics with Wade, Bosh, LeBron on the same team, they were all being tentative to take over the game in the 4th quarter until KOBE came in and said “Screw this, I’M taking over!”…and he proceeded to win the game for the USA…just a thought

Burrel Lee III Celtic sign Jermaine O’Neal….is it me or is everyone running from the West to the East…seems like the Western Conference is the Lakers Conference and everyone going East to beat on each other to play them

Lebron’s mom is happy now she can sleep with a real star! Maybe two if she is lucky. LMAO

Delonte West just called Lebron and said “congratulations on your decision SON”


Bobby Fullilove i BET the HEAT wont win the CHIP in 2011!!

Dwaine A. Bobo

i think that Shaq will eat some humble pie, sign with the Heat for 1mil and they will most likely win a title next year!
Former LeBron fan Adam Gockowski burns his Witness shirt after James announced he was going to play for Miami. Upload or email your photos following the instructions to the right.

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