The Kids Venice Basketball League


All kids must have a signed release from their parents before participating in our summer program.

They might have a chance in showing their game on television…



PROGRAM: VENICEBALL, VBL (Venice Basketball League)

I, hereby confirm that I have agreed voluntarily to appear without compensation in the above-identified video program produced by Veniceball, I agree that the program(s) may be broadcast and distributed without limitation through any means and I shall not receive any compensation for my participation during the entire league broadcast( June 28th till August 30th) 
 I confirm that any and all material furnished by me for this program is either my own or otherwise authorized for such use without obligation to me or any third party. I also agree to the use of my name, likeness, portrait or pictures, voice and biographical material about me for educational, program or series publicity and organizational promotional purposes.
 I further agree that my participation in the program confers upon me no rights to use, ownership or copyright. I release Veniceball, its employees, agents, and assigns from all liability which may arise from any and/or all claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation in the program(s). It is understood that Veniceball is under no obligation to broadcast the above-identified program(s) or series. I also understand that basketball is a dangerous sport and my participation may result in injuries. Veniceball is not responsible for any injuries that may occur.

Agreed to and signed this day of , 2009


Participant’s Signature Street Address City, State, Zip

I, am the parent or legal guardian of the above-named minor and I endorse the above statement in his/her behalf on this day of , 2009.

/ /

Parent or Guardian Street Address City, State, Zip