VBL League Rules & Regulations

Be respectful. Fair/ Safe/ Fun


  1. Two (20) minute quarters, running clock until the last minute.
  2. Each team will be allotted two (2) full minute timeout per quarter (timeouts DO NOT carry over).
  3. In result of a tie, there will be a 2-minute overtime. If a tie remains, there will then be a 1-minute overtime. Lastly, a sudden death triple overtime will take place to declare a winner.
  4. When entering the last 1 minute of the 4th quarter, if the score differential is 10 points or less, the team that is winning will have 10 seconds to shoot the ball. The count down of 10 seconds only begins once the ball crosses half-court.
  5. 8 seconds to pass half-court.
  6. Fourth quarter and overtimes: The game clock will stop in the last two (2) minutes as long as the game is less than a 10pt differential. For example, on a made basket, the clock will not start until the ball is touched on inbound pass.
  7. The clock will not stop if the point differential is over 10 points.
  8. SUBSTITUTIONS: NO HOCKEY SUBS! Players must wait for a dead ball to enter game.
  9. GOALTENDING: A player may touch the ball if the ball is still on the rim (that goes for put back dunks, defensive rebounds, etc.). FIBA rules!


  1. FOUL OUT RULE: Players will foul out after their 5th foul. NO HACKING!
  2. COUNT IT RULE: When a player is fouled in the act of going to the basket with the intentions of scoring, they will receive the ball if the shot is missed. Within the same possession, if this occurs for a second consecutive time, the player will be rewarded with a made basket. This is followed with a change of possession and play continues.
  3. COUNT IT RULE: If the player who is fouled proceeds to make the basket after the foul has occurred (aka “And 1”) will be given. The foul will still be assessed to the player who committed the foul.
  4. FREE THROWS: Throughout the half, team fouls will be tallied. In the last minute of the 4th quarter, if a team has 8 or more team fouls, each foul that is assessed will then result in a bonus one and one free throw situation.
  5. FREE THROWS OVERTIME: Team fouls will not carry over. Two (2) team fouls in OT will result in the bonus (1 and 1).
  6. A technical or flagrant foul will result in having the player sit down for 2 minutes. The player who is fouled will be rewarded with a one (1) point penalty and the ball ($20 Fine). Second technical foul to the same player will result in an automatic ejection and a ($50 fine). The reward of one (1) point penalty and the ball still apply. Additional information regarding excessive fouls and ejections can be found in “Fines” section (page 4).


  1. Man to Man defense at all times within harm reach of a player (NO ZONE)
  2. DOUBLE-TEAMING on defense is allowed (Rule Change)
  3. Defensive three seconds – The first violation will be a warning. Any further violations, the team is awarded one (1) point penalty and the ball.
    Other than that, NBA rules will apply.


  1. Teams will be given 10 minutes to warm up before tip-off.
  2. Jersey rule: Each player has to have their jersey and gear given by the league for the game. Failure to comply will make the player ineligible to play. Jerseys and shorts can be purchased at a discount ($40 each)
  3. Show up early and be ready to play! If a team is not ready to play by tip off, two (2) points will be rewarded to the other team each minute that passes. A five (5) minute grace period will be given after the warm up time is up. The points given will max out at ten (10). If the team still does not have enough players to field a team after the grace period is up, the game will result in a forfeit.
  4. VBL is a family atmosphere. Be respectful. FAIR/ SAFE/ FUN


The Venice Basketball League (“VBL”) reserve the right to change the rules at its sole discretion. The VBL reserves the right to intervene at its sole discretion. No player, coach or manager shall have any authority on how the game is played and is subject to the authority of the referees as well as VBL representatives.