Show CLE Love: Coming to Cleveland All-Star Weekend

Entering Black History Month and mere weeks away from NBA All-Star Weekend, Veniceball is primed for an eventful month of service. With the goals of strengthening community infrastructure, amplifying black voices through our platform and through our actions, and elevating basketball everywhere we touch, we’re thrilled to announce the Show CLE Love. 

Following the success of previous All-Star Weekend events including 2018’s Show LA Love and 2020’s Show CHI Love, 2022 is slated to be the most ambitious project to date for the Hoopbus and Veniceball. Hitting the road with Hoopbus Chicago, the team will be partnering with Puma, the Terry Rozier Foundation, NBPA, Project Backboard, Body Armor and Mobil 1 for the first court renovations of the year at two historic locations in Cleveland.

The Merrick House and the Zelma George Recreation Center are the first stops for team Hoopbus. Our three step plan begins with refurbishing the iconic community centers, continues by empowering spirits through hosting free and engaging events and concludes with amplifying the stories shared by the characters and new friends we meet along the way.

First up is the Merrick House, located in Cleveland’s Tremont district, the community center is a vibrant neighborhood fixture where everyone from the curious child to the committed adult is enriched through active, lifelong learning, including preschool and infant care for the youth as well as career development for adults. Planned improvements led by the Project Backboard team with help from Mobil 1 and Microsoft include…

  • Refilling dead spots under the court
  • Resurfacing century old hardwood with a fresh design by Dakarai Akil
  • Installing new rims and backboards
  • Artwork contributions from the local community
  • Improving weight lifting equipment
  • Upgrading the community room
  • Building a state of the art computer lab

The next stop will be the Zelma George Recreation Center, located in the storied downtown neighborhood named after influential philanthropist Zelma George. The community center serves as a central location for youth and adults alike in Cleveland’s inner city, inspiring a generation of hoopers including a young Terry Rozier, professional guard for the Charlotte Hornets. In a selfless act of gratitude for the Zelma George Rec where Terry’s Grandmother would bring him everyday growing up to craft his game, the Terry Rozier Foundation is leading the break on the renovations. Planned improvements with help from Puma and the NBPA include

  • Refilling dead spots under the court
  • Resurfacing hardwood with a court designed by Erwin Hines
  • Installing new rims and backboards
  • Painting a mural onto the court
Tentative event schedule

The Show CLE Love celebration shut down features free ceremonies in the newly renovated gyms. Events will include dunk contests, celebrity influencer game, skills clinics, a roller derby, a DJ and of course the Hoopbus. Additionally Veniceball will be releasing an exclusive merch drop and through collaboration with our media partners producing multiple series of content showcasing the festivities.

Players and fans alike can look forward to the Show CLE Love all-star uniforms, custom basketballs, sweatshirts, warm-up gear and an assortment of other fan favorites, all supporting the proliferation of court renovations in deserving communities nationwide. Everyone should be sure to tune in for All-Star Weekend content including a live stream on Veniceball’s Youtube and daily posts to our Instagram & TikTok, as well as media from our content partners and sponsors.