The Hoops are Finally Free!

After more than a year of lockdown, the Venice Beach hoops are officially safe and free! It took all of our collective communal innovation, perseverance and activism to keep hooping during the extended offseason and we are proud to say that all the LA courts and our hooper’s paradise is officially back!! Thank you to everyone who called, voted, attended the runs and bought a T-Shirt to support the movement.

We are back to business with workouts & open runs. There is no better time or place to polish your toolkit than at the Venice Courts in the early morning. Free of tourists, wind and distractions, the beach is the perfect place to get up early and get a bucket. We have launched the VBL Breakfast Club from 6:30-8 AM on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Join your fellow hoopers, pro trainers J’son Stamp and Gabe Hilt, and the sunrise to work on your game.

With free parking in front of the courts until 8:30 AM on 17th and Speedway, there is no excuse to sleep on the grind! All you need is some motivation, a ball & your towel! Join us and let’s get some work!

For all our non-morning hoopers, don’t worry, catch us on Sundays from 12 PM to sunset for our open runs

Stay tuned on our social media as we will be live streaming workouts and pickup games throughout the Summer!