Battle of Bolsa Chica Beach

As Corona season is still in full effect we keep on bringing the game further south and bringing the VBL to fellow county Huntington Beach.

After a couple of encounters with the police wondering about the “Black Lives matter” signs at the top of the backboard and inviting them to join in and agree that this was a peaceful protest, the vibes ran at a all time high all day long!

8 teams joined in for Bolsa Chica invitational for a chance to qualify for our Tournament of Champions next Sunday in Watts.

One of the nastiest ankle breaker & game winner I have ever witnessed by “I Got the Juice” to bring Sunblock to the semis but no one had an answer for VBL vet Mike Purdie has dominated the day!

Emotions were running high with extraordinary game winners and some serious physical play. A very controversial championship and a special Win for @cgmebrand will see that epic rematch against @playing4eternity this sunday. 

Here is a sweet recap, make sure to tune in and subscribe to our Youtube Channel

“Coroner” going hard for the Bucket
Beautiful View of the Lagoon, Playing with water on both sides is Hard to beat