VBL is back. Tip Off this Sunday @ Dockweiler

Come and join us on Sunday 15th for a special 8 team invitational 4v4 tournament 10am- Sunset at the world famous Dockweiler Beach. Expect your favorite players, DJ R.Beats, MC Mouthpiece & Big Doxx and the rest of the VBL fam to be flying high all winer Long

Dockweiler Basketball courts on the Very North side of the parking lot

12000 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Expect special exclusive merch drop

Big Gil on the grill with the the fire dogs and lemonades

Beach games, surfboards, games and beats all day

Bring your towel, beach chair, mask & Covid test, sunscreen and get ready for some all day fun in the sun

Covid Regulations:

  • Stay home if sick. 
  • Wear masks when around the event area at all times
  • Use social distancing (stay at least 6 feet away from others).
  • If a player shows up with a negative covid test they are not required to wear a mask while playing. **If they do not they must wear a mask the entire time**
  • Temperature check of every player before they play

General Rules and Regulations

  • All teams will be distributed 8 sets of matching jerseys, players can wear their own shorts
  • 8 players max can suit up each week additional jerseys can be purchased at $25 (retail $50)
  • Teams must sign in or check in 30 minutes in advance prior to each game
  • All players must sign liability and film release.
  • No player may play on two teams unless a team only has 4 players in which case a 2pt penalty
  • 0 tolerance for dangerous plays or fighting 
  • Automatic ejection for flagrant fouls at or near the rim resulting in injury or deemed reckless. 
  • Automatic suspension of Team if a player fights. If 2+ players do the whole team will be banned from the League.
  • Sportsmanship at all times.

VBL is a family-friendly environment. Be respectful at all times. No profanities


  • First team to 15 or 16 min. 8 min halves or switch at 8 points. 3 min break between halves
  • 2 game elimination except for the finals
  • Winners advance to next round and losers to Losing bracket
  • Running clock until the last min of each half
  • If player gets dunked on they must sit down for 2 min 
  • One time out and one iso card each game
  • Females must play for a minimum of 5 min each game
  • Each team must have one female player on their team. Must play a min of 5 points per game
  • Finals First team to 21 or 30 min. 15 min halves or switch at 12 points. 3 min break between halves
  • 2 game elimination except for championship 
  • In the result of a tie after 16 mins. the game will resume with a jump ball into sudden death.
  • 3 fouls and you are OUT – 4 fouls in finals
  • And 1 is point and check ball at top of key
  • Technical and unsportsmanlike fouls are one point and the ball. 2 techs and you are out for the game. 3 accumulative techs and you are out of the tournament.
  • NO FREE Throws
  • NO zone Defense. Man to man defense at all time with double teams allowed.
  • 8 seconds to cross half court
  • 10 sec to shoot if your team is up in the last 1 minute
  • NBA players or celebrities can be added at any time in the competition except for the finals
  • Bottom 4 teams might NOT be selected to play in the next tournament 
  • All other rules not mentioned refer to NBA rule book