VBL Draft Day / Summer is off to a bright start

Summer is approaching fast and so is another epic season of The Venice Basketball League.

We hosted our 12th annual open run/ VBL Draft this past sunday May 13th. Talent came from all over the country to shoot their shot and get drafted all in pursuit of their own hoop dreams.

Eric Cooper and Gabe Gibson led the combine with some very intensive drills and conditioning.

MouthPiece made sure the guys were mentally ready and put the group through some raw truth and a lot of push ups.

Some guys where weeded out earlier than others and out of our over 70 participants only 12 were drafted. Everyone displayed enormous heart, passion, and effort. Due to this we chose to embrace a new franchise “The Undrafted” from players whose attitudes, hearts, and effort imbolish what the VBL culture is all about.

After the draft in VBL fashion, founder Nick Ansom unveiled his new collection called “Royalty” with some bright shining new Uniforms (1of1) The All star game featured our very own VBL All Stars vs. Team Canada. Three game series each game was to 15 by 1’s and 2’s style. Game 1 went to VBL! Canada stuck it through for Game 2.

It all came down to a tiebreaker, Canada quickly took an early lead but wasn’t enough to hold off the VBL and its high flying show.

See you guys next Sunday for our Jump10 100k qualifier

Trevor –

Photos by Chris Costello and Victoria Moura ( More on our FB Page)