Veniceball presents the VBL World Games starting on Sept 15

VeniceBall presents the VBL World Games starting on Sept 15

16 Teams. 12 Cities. 1 Champion

It may be the offseason, but at the Venice Basketball League the  #gameneverstops! Join us as we host the VBL World Games this coming September 15, 16 & 17. We’ll have 16 teams hailing from 4 countries to play in a 5×5 tournament in a classic Venice Beach format games to 15pts by 1’s and 2’s – 21pts for the Finals

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Expect the action to be as hot as the summer season, even if the weather cools off — see you there! 

Friday Open Run:

1-4pm: Free Open Run (Best 10 will get drafted onto the weekend)

4-6pm: Handle Life competition presented by Dribble too Much and friends

Saturday the 16th

10a -6pm: Pool Play DJ Summers and DJ Doxx

Sunday the 17th:

10a- 6pm: One game elimination:

2pm: Kurtis Blow performing Live hit single “Basketball” and “The Breaks”

5pm: Championship

Please contact us at contact@veniceball.com for more info

All teams must wear matching uniforms
Teams must sign in 30 minutes in advance prior to each game at the registration tent
All players must sign liability release
No player may play on two teams unless a team only has 4 players in which case a 2 pts penalty is the result.
Players may be added if they have not played until their 4th game as long as they are on the original roster. No player
may switch teams once they are eliminated.
Sportsmanship at all times.

Venice Beach is a family-friendly environment. Be respectful at all times

1. First team to 15pts  or 20 min. 10 min halves or switch at 7 points. 3 min break between halves
2. Each team will be allotted one (1) 30 second time out per half (timeouts DO NOT carry over).
3. In the result of a tie after 20 mins. the game will resume with a jump ball into sudden death.
4. NO HACKING 4 fouls and you are OUT
5. Technical and unsportsmanlike fouls are one point and the ball. 2 techs and you are out for the game. 3
accumulative techs and you are out of the tournament.
6. NO FREE Throws
7. NO zone Defense. Man to man defense at all time. Double teams will be allowed
8. 8 seconds to cross half court
9. 10 sec to shoot if your team is up in the last 1 minute
10. Saturday OG courts friendly matches will be played with 1’s, 2’s, 3’s & 4 pointers past half court. (This rule was
established in 1981 by the godfather of Streetball Ken Hicks).

  1. Semis and championship will be played to 21pts with no clock – Teams will switch at 11pts




Photo credit: Helena Sung