Venice Brooks Fest!! Pop Up dunk fest in the streets of Venice


We partnered with General Admission for the first annual Venice Brooks festival as part of Abbot Kinney Fest and it didn’t disappoint.

Here are some words from GA founder Gavin:

If someone had told us how much work goes into a festival we probably would have bailed on the idea. Fortunately, no one did so we dived in and committed. Our neighbors at Fiore Designs had the idea to take over the whole street for this year’s event; we laughed and said it would be impossible to get permits. Apparently not. After a lot of back and forth with the city we were approved. So now it wasn’t just going to be the parking lot, it was going to be a full on block party with 35 vendors, a beer and cocktail garden, low riders, basketball hoops, a music stage and more.

Our goal for the Venice Brooks Festival since day one was to create an authentic Venice community event that brings the old and new communities together, all while giving back. A massive undertaking that we’re really proud to have achieved but none of this would have been possible without the whole community and all of the incredible vendors and sponsors that were involved. People worked extremely hard to help us get organized and while there were a few hiccups here and there (naturally) everything went down swimmingly. So what’s the plan for next year? Bigger and better, of course.

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