VBL x red eye: Back-2-School Showcase

Saturday August 23rd was all about educating, giving back and putting on a show. VBL All Star team came in for an hour and half clinic, gave away 100+ shirts from RVCA and VBL, Hats, Slam Magazine, school supply, PEAK shoes and organic Purps drinks.

VBL faced up against the Imperial All Stars in a high scoring 109- 122 game.  Everyone showed out in good spirit and the kids were out their seat the whole game. Honors go to Kwame “the Hitman” and Jarred “Desert flight” for putting down the ABC of dunking.

Special thanks to RedEye for coordinating and Imperial courts for giving us a warm welcome

+GiveBack #MuchLove

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Imperial Courts Recreation Center

2250 E 114th St

Los Angeles, CA 90059