Playoffs Round 1 Recap



VBL Summer 2013 – 1 st Round of the Playoffs

#1 ROTN: 72 #8 Well Respected: 69

Player of the Game/Player of the Week:  T-Will  34pts, (17/21) FG, 15rebs, 3asts

#2 Beach Warriors: 69 #7 Sunblock: 63

Player of the Game:  Woody  13pts, (3/3) 3pt, 12rebs, 4asts, 4stls, 1blk

#3 NCAA Boys: 51 #6 Free Agents: 50

Player of the Game:  Evolution  10pts, 15rebs, 4asts, 1stl, 1blk

#4 Mean Ones: 73 #5 SPL: 72

Player of the Game:  Juggernaut  22pts, 10rebs, 2 asts, 2blks

Remember Only the Hardcore make it back from Hollywood to Venice so bring your A Game …

KOTR is Saturday at Belvedere Park downtown…


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