Winston “Philly” Robinson on his way to the top

Winston Robinson was unstoppable in the VBL and SPL this summer. He has the whole package sick handles, great court vision, wet jumpshot and go dunk on anybody. In a streetball or organized game he is a triple double waiting to happen!

My lifelong desire is having a career as a professional basketball player at the point or shooting
guard positions in the National Basketball Association. Following my career as a player, I want
to open my own basketball clinic and maybe even pursue a coaching career.

5330 Saul Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
(267) 297-9785
Email: Robinsonwinston21@yahoo.com

Mountain State University (MSU)

Height: 6’5”
Weight: 210
Right Handed Shooter

DOB: July, 25 1988

Visit Winston Robinson on YouTube:
2012 Los Angeles Summer Pro League: HIGHLIGHTS or

Also watch his COLLEGE Basketball: HIGHLIGHTS

Pro League Basketball

Los Angeles Summer Pro League Coach Steffan Johnson (469) 222-5371
Year: 2012
Points per game : 21.5
Free Throw percentage 80%
Rebounds 7
Assists: 4
Block Shots 2
Field goal percentage 49%

Dallas Pro Am League Coach Robert Howell (214) 215-3266
Year: 2012
Points per game 17
Free Throw percentage 81%
Rebounds 6
Assists 5
Block Shots 2
Field goal percentage 50%

College Basketball

Mountain State University Coach Bob Bolen (304) 575-2780
Year 2009-2011
Points per game: 14.7
Free Throw percentage: 72%
Rebounds: 5
Block Shots: 1
Field goal percentage: 49.5%

Chaffey College
Year 2007-2009
Points per game: 18.8
Free Throw percentage: 78%
Rebounds: 9.5
Block Shots: 3
Field goal percentage: 51.0%

Athletic Accomplishments:
Los Angeles Summer Pro League All Star (2012).
Top Ten Scorer in Los Angeles Summer Pro League (2012),
Second Team Los Angeles Summer Pro League (2012,)
MVP of A.I.I. Tournament (2011),
MVP in West Virginia Tech Tournament (2011),
Second Team All Conference at Mountain State University (2010-2011),
Honorable Mention in A.I.I. Tournament (2010),
Honorable Mention in West Virginia Tech Tournament (2009-2010),
First Team Honorable Mention at Mountain State University (2009),
MVP of Rio Hondo Tournament both 2008 and 2009,
First Team All Conference leading Conference in 3-point percentage (2008-2009),
Chaffey College First Team All-Conference leading Conference in Double-Doubles (2007-2008),
All Public Philadelphia PIAA (2006),

Academic Information & Honors:

GPA: 2.5

Extracurricular Activities:
Mentor, Trainer, and Coach at Village Oaks in Dallas, Texas.