Halloween 3on3 Extravaganza

1st Annual Halloween Extravaganza

First ever Costume Bball tournament:

On Oct 29th we will be holding a 3 on 3 tournament for all ages/ co-ed.

Categories: 12 & Under, ladies, co-ed recreational, elite

$60 per team of 3 to sign up! Extra player for sub $20. Costume obligated for tournament entry.

3 games guarantee w/ loosing brackets. Winners get a trophy and gift cards and the elite will get $300 cash!

8am sign ups

9am- 5pm All day games & Contests

This event a fun filled event for your whole family with Scratch Academy in the building and a very special after party at a secret haunted house in Venice Beach. This tourny will also feature a dunk contest and a 3 pt shootout.

September and October have the most beautiful sunsets and the chances of raining are slim to none. It could get chilly with the fog kicking in so make sure to bring a sweater or something warm for in between games.


* Games will consist be first team to 15 pts straight up or 20 minutes running clock until the last minute which ever one comes first.

* Alternate possessions for each basket made.

* 1 and 2 pts from the NBA range.

* Check up after each baskets and calls from the referee.

* Each team will be allowed ONE 30 second time-outs each game.

* No player can foul out.

* No free throws will be attempted.

* No And 1’s

* If a team fouls 2 times in the act of shooting or 3 times one the ground in one offensive possession then it will be an automatic “Freebie Basket”.

* If a player is FOULED HARD in the act of shooting, one (1) or (2) points will be granted to his team accordingly.

* Just like in soccer, continuation applies, the referee may call a foul late depending if the offense can get by, an offensive rebound or a put back.

* The hand is regarded as part of the ball.


* In case of a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a two (2) minute overtime.  If a tie exists after the first overtime, a sudden death overtime will be played, starting with a jump ball.  The first team to score will be declared the winner.

* NO ZONE DEFENSES will be permitted.  Man to man at all times.  A team will get a one (1) point penalty every time this rule is broken.

* Any time a players steps in the key or free throw line extended a double team may occur.

* If your team is up in the last minute, you will have 10 seconds to shoot.

* Substitutions may happen at any time in the game.  The active player must HIGH FIVE the substitute from out of bounds to step in the game. If not, one point penalty to your team will be applied.

* Anyone receiving an unsportsmanlike technical foul MUST immediately sit out for 1 minute. The 2nd time will be an automatic forfeit. Venice Beach is a family beach atmosphere.  Be respectful.  The use of repetitive profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in permanent expulsion from the league. FAIR/ FUN/ SAFE

* A team have 3 players with a potential sub and can play with 2 in which case one player would get injured!

* Every player must sign a responsibility waver, as well as a video consent.  All highlights will be posted online at VeniceBall.com