Legendary Venice Courts – Jay’s Gallery

With Hollywood on the horizon for Play-Offs, competition and intensity was high on the court
this weekend at the infamous Venice Beach. Each of Sunday’s games determined the final rankings for
the teams that made it into play-offs.

The first game was a tie breaker between Sun Block and the NCAA Boys. The winning team
received the #4 seed going into the first round of Play Offs taking place this Thursday at Hollywood
Park. Sun Block’s #45 Will a.k.a. “Porky” dominated underneath with 10 points in the first quarter
and #32 Tony “Tonenator” led the team with 17 points. That wasn’t enough to stop NCAA’s #24 Pat
a.k.a “Stretch,” with 19 points and #11 Gary “Thunder Dunker” with 16 points from dunking over Sun
Block’s players. #9 Deshawn a.k.a “Evolution” led NCAA with 20 points. Needless to say, NCAA got the
victory with a final score of 71-86 over Sun Block who just couldn’t seem to pick up the pace.

Next United Nations faced off against White Collar. With United Nations holding a 10 point
lead at the end of the first quarter, White Collar was unable to bring the deficit any closer than 7 points
throughout the game, ultimately leading to their defeat with a final score of 52-68. Welcoming back
#3 Sam a.k.a. “Zig Zag” into the mix kept the crowd entertained and made defenders dizzy. #3 Izeah
a.k.a “Clutch” and #1 Tareik a.k.a “Predator” led United Nations with 16 points each.

Skid Row battled against Mazel Tough to hang on for the Play-Offs. Skid Row’s consistent but
low scoring was no match for Noah a.k.a. the “Leprechaun” who was unstoppable and led team Mazel
Tough to their 50-54 victory with 19 points, eliminating Skid Row from the competition.

Finishing up the Sunday fun was the rivalry game between Advantage and Venice Beach All-
Stars. Playing for the #1 seed and a Bye going into Thursday’s games the competition seemed close at
the start until the All Stars pulled away in the second quarter establishing a 14 point lead of 28-42 going
into the second half. #11 Tim a.k.a. “Spiderman” led the All Stars into their victory with 28 of their 81
points ending the game with a final score of 72-81 and securing their rank as #1 going into Play-Offs.

We are just getting warmed up! Come join us in Hollywood Park this Thursday, August 25, 2011
at 6pm for the first round of Play-Offs to see which teams make it into the semi-finals on Sunday at
Venice Beach. Which team will walk away with the title of the 2011 Champions of the legendary Venice
Basketball League?