VeniceBall casting agency makes television more exciting… SPORTLETS Coming out on Warner Cable

This past week VeniceBall casting agency organized for Hollywizzle, K Money (Hollywood Hoops) and The General (Sunblock) to be part of a new TV show for Nickelodeon. They had a blast on set as they were doing what they normally do. The kids loved it.

PRODUCER just sent me the info. Stay tuned…

We have put one complete episode of The Super Sportlets up on Kabillion on Time Warner Cable (It is also on the other major cable channels in forty million US homes). In the program description we cycle the lead name, yesterday it was starring Krystal Marshal, today Nate Benton etc.. If you and/or your friends have Time Warner, Comcast or Charter go to Channel 1 – On Demand – Kids – Kabillion – The Back To School Folder and page down the programs (there is more than one page).

We did this in a hurry to qualify the show for the Emmys and it does not have its own folder or any promotion as it will when it goes on its eventual US network.  Today the quality of the broadcast is a bit low resolution but this will improve in the coming days. It will be available twenty four hours a day until the end of the year.

Take a look and tell your families and friends.

Left Austin soldner (apache chief), middle Kieran Lipa (K Money), right Jude Thomas (Hollywizzle)

From there Hollywizzle and J Boogy Brantley got together to shoot the “Right Guard” commercial.