Tanjareen and Mouthpiece Venice Beach Basketball League

Tanjareen on THE FINALS!

The much anticipated season finals were just as exciting as we expected. The games, the kids, the girls, the booties! What a day! DB, Mouthpiece, & I had a awesome time hosting it all.

Tanjareen and Mouthpiece Venice Beach Basketball League

FINALS GAME: TEAM ADVANTAGE VS. VENICE ALL STARS – After a spotless record this entire season, Team Advantage couldn’t beat the still reigning champion VENICE ALL STARS.  There aren’t too many things in life as riveting as the 4th quarter of this game.  Wow!  The score was tied several times.  But in the end, the All Stars won the VBL trophy for the 3rd year in a row.  Special shot-out to The Mute (Finals MVP), Spiderman (my MVP), The Beast, Inches, Sik-Wit-It, TonyToniTone, Loren, Johann’s defense, & a sleepy Jon Nash.  Can these guys EVER be stopped??? Congrats again, fellas!

Team Advantage was not happy about their close loss.  And I don’t blame ’em.

EXHIBITION GAME 1: UNITED NATIONS vs. THE VENICE BEACH LOCALS – This game was just for fun. But of course, UNITED NATIONS takes every game seriously, so they won again. But Tone’a’nator & his constant lay-ups DID make his Locals look great. When it was all said & done, this score was the highest I’d ever seen in the VBL; 107-119! Congrats to Handsome Ansom & his U.N. guys for a great season.

HOOPSHOTS’ VBL FASHION SHOW: This show was a hot one for the fellas ’cause it showcased all female models in tiny VBL shorts. Kudos to Vic Battle for putting it all together. These court-runway shows were definitely a great addition to the VBL schedule.

Models pose with The World’s Greatest Wine-o

EXHIBITION GAME 2: KIDS VBL VS. BIKINI GIRLS – Following the fashion show, was MY MOST FAVORITE GAME of the entire line-up; The KVBL vs. The Booty Shorts! The Hoopshots models took off their high heels & straight-up balled against the children.  Oddly enough, this game was very evenly matched, with the KIDS VBL winning by only 2 points. Special mention to Silver (“Butt Cheeks Out”) and Mary (“Hips n Thighs”) for balling barefoot! I don’t know if kids on the court near booty cheeks is legal, but these games should definitely be part of a regular VBL monthly program.  It was hilarious to watch!

EXHIBITION GAME 3: THE CELEBRITY ALL STAR GAME – Sunblock battled it out against some of the Fan Favorites of Venice Beach, including Cowboy, The World’s Greatest Wine-o, rapper Eastwood, & comedian Renee Renee. Even some of the guys who’d already won the trophy earlier stuck around to show-off some more in this All Star game.  Good times!

rapper Eastwood balled in our All Star game.

A special thank you to Ken from TheZGlove.com for giving me a Z-Glove skirt that just HAPPENED to match my shirt.

Chris Cravens did his thang on the mic during halftime.

Uh ohh! Man down during the championship game.

The Champs sport their Tanjareen hats.

Opposing team members disagree on how the Finals game was decided.

Young Fabolous & Woody Woodpecker of TEAM ADVANTAGE.

My girls Queenie & Damisha came thru.

Awww, she’s adorable, Jon.

I see you, lil mama!

Shot-out to MILFs in booty shorts!

Our ref twins, Chris & Mike D. worked hard all season.

Tourists from New Mexico.

Fine ass D. Bryant came to scoop me up.

Loren’s arms are so diesel!

DJ Davey Dave fills in for DJ Ansom.

Mouthpiece & I held it down till the very end.

See ya in June of 2011,

Tanjareen – The VBL Queen