Tanjareen on Episode 9: THE PLAYOFFS

All summer long has led up to these next few weeks; The Playoffs. Today is where we begin to separate the men from the boys. And as usual, DB, Mouthpiece, & I had a wonderful time commentating the festivities.

Game 1: TEAM ADVANTAGE vs. SKID ROW – There’s no surprise that the #1 seat prevailed over the #8 contender.  I didn’t get a picture of them this week, but just know that the extremely undefeated TEAM ADVANTAGE won AGAIN and set the pace for rest of the day.

Game 2: VENICE ALL STARS vs. SUNBLOCK – This had to be the most talked about game of the day! The #7 seat (Sunblock) was not intimidated to play the #2 seat AT ALL!  Matisse & his boys played very tough ball and had the lead over the VBL Champs during most of this game.  But after a great deal of tension and controversial referee calls, the VENICE ALL STARS managed to squeeze out another win.  Wayta go, All Stars!

Game 3: THE MEAN ONES vs. UNITED NATIONS – As expected, THE MEAN ONES (the #3 seat) beat UNITED NATIONS (the #6 seat).  But the U.N.’s Primetime got The Dunk of the Day when he put his crouch in Hairline’s face under the basket! Great game!  Congrats to The Grinch & his guys for moving forward.

Game 4: HOLLYWOOD HOOPS vs. KILL THE HYPE – This was an interesting match-up because K-Money was originally a member of Hollywood Hoops before he broke away to start Kill The Hype.  So both of these teams are familar with one another and excel in fancy Harlem Globetrotter-type moves. However, Hollywizzle & his boys cut out the tricks, picked up NBA star Juaquin Hawkins, & just played good basketball. Even though Kill The Hype was up 18-10, they lost the lead and now HOLLYWOOD HOOPS is just one game away from the finals…Oh and Jauquin says he’s gonna shut down the White Shadow of Team Advantage next week!  We shall see.
Tanjareen Hollywood Hoops Jauquin Hawkins NBA star

Martin Guigui’s cheerleaders

Ericka & Frank kept score & time for us.

Our 1st performers of the day.

N3W ERA performed (BET’s 106 & Park W.O.W. winners)
Tanjareen and New Era N3w 106 and Park WOW

part of another 106 & Park W.O.W. group came by.

The HOOPSHOTS Fashion Show was cool!

Check out this VBL gear Nick gave me!
Tanjareen in VBL booty shorts

Mouthpiece gives a haircut.

Child’s Play

Rapper ZONE (in black) & his boys came through

Next week the games are on Saturday, not Sunday.  See ya there!

Tanjareen – The VBL Queen