Tanjareen on episode 8: LEGEND’S DAY

Our usual court was taken over by the 4th Annual Supergirl Jam, so this week we were lucky enough to use the Legendary Court.  Without DJs, music, or microphones, DB, Mouthpiece, & I took it old school and used our lungs to host. The games & crowds were so intense that I dare to say this was the BEST episode of VBL ever!

Game 1: KILL THE HYPE vs. THE FREE AGENTS –  K-Money and his Hyped players are sooo much fun to watch, but Vic Battle & his FREE AGENTS came to win!

Game 2: SUNBLOCK vs. VENICE HEAT – I adore Sunblock, and I just KNEW they were gonna win this game. But finally my VENICE HEAT firemen showed up and got The W.  Yaaay!

Game 3: UNITED NATIONS vs. HOLLYWOOD HOOPS – This game was so dope ’cause our legendary host DB suited up & played with Hollywizzle’s team.  After all the mess DB talks on the mic, everyone was anxious to see if he himself had any b-ball skills.  And guess what? DB can ball!  His presence was definitely noticed & HOLLYWOOD HOOPS won the game.

Game 4: VENICE ALL STARS vs. THE MEAN ONES – I loved this match-up because both of these teams are super talented and have a chance at the trophy.  Plus our other host, Mouthpiece, suited up & joined The Grinch’s Mean team.  Unfortunately, all their talent & mean efforts weren’t enough to stop The Beast & his all stars.  Jon Nash’s VENICE ALL STARS whooped the Mean Ones by 15 points.  Ouch.

Game 5: SKID ROW vs. THE BARTENDERS – I was helping the models rehearse for next week’s fashion show during this game.  But I know SKID ROW won, and that’s all that matters.  Congrats to the row!

The models rehearse for the Hoopshots Fashion Show

My little sister Taj-Zsa came to support again

Johann’s got braggin’ rights

My cutie-pies

Handsome Ansom gets a double massage DURING his game!

The Mean Ones looking mean.

Butts from the audience

DB moves in on Dahlia Guigui.

Peep the stylo.

He’s having a bad hair day.

Tanjareen takes a fruit break.

See ya next week at the playoffs,

Tanjareen – The VBL Queen