Highlights of June 20th… Game never Stops

What a great opener we had.. It was really awesome to see how it all came together. Here are some pics of the event…

Game 1- 1pm OPENER

Team Advantage (1-0) VS Venice All Stars (0-1) 75-69

The Nash brothers and few players still not back from overseas so Gil and his crew took advantage of the situation to take down the Champions.

Game 2 – 2.15pm

The Mean Ones (1-0) VS Sunblock (0-1) Double Overtime game 75-73

These two teams have an history of over time games and Sunblock is usually victorious but they changed the script on this one with Action Figure hitting the 3 for the WIN.

Game 3- 3.30pm

United Nations (1-0) VS Vic Battle Free Agents (0-1) 82-64

What a show that was with Prime hitting 7 dunks over everybody, Vic Battle and his squad had no match for the International superstars.

Game 4 – 4.45pm

Kill The Hype (0-1) VS Hollywood Hoops (1-0) 70- 74

This game was down to the wire once again but Hollywood Hoops showed a bit more heart and intensity in the 4th quarter.