LE QUAI 54 Tournament in PARIS June 26th- 27th

Paris hoop scene has grown a lot since i was living there. They now have taken over the Palais de Tokyo which is a museum but also a legendary skate spot. The evolution of this tournament is very inspiring to see that people take this much pride in streetball and Jordan would sponsor such event. It now has mostly professional players that are well known and it is great to see that they are still willing to play on concrete for no money. But like they say bring your game not your name because you never know what streetball cat might cross you up or dunk on you… Our main DJ Hapa will be rockin the 1’s and 2’s with MC Lyte. They have 8 countries playing in the tournament, let’s see if the New York crew will be able to get their championship back. Keep it up frenchies and much RESPECT.