Top Fan Base wackiest Videos

This guy tried to make a professional trailer by interviewing bumbs…

Its funny how its always the dudes on the sidelines that get interviewed, never the ones that actually put in work on the courts.

This one is a bit more representative of the kind od action Venice brings

This one was off our first week of VBL in 2008, we had no jerseys… skins VS shirts … Eastwood stealing the spotlight as he is about getting ready to hoop with Ballin for Peace.

This one is definitely making our top 10 with french rap basketball soundtrack while these dudes are throwing up some bricks!

This one is actually my personal favorite because it has my coach Milton (nearly 80) playing, Jon Nash Bricking hard, Johann the male model, Life Don, Sky and a few more regulars… We might have to hire this guy to do commentary for the VBL…

Even Snoop made it to the beach in 06… i heard he might make a come back for 2010.