Article in French Newspaper about VBL…

There I was strolling the Venice walk on this sunny Saturday with my teen-age son when we happened to fall on that basketball event. And what an event!“Quelle baffe!”, we would say in french. What a slap in the face! Dynamic & Cool. A whole crew of young giants fighting shoulder to shoulder to hit the basket. All colors mixed, all enjoying the fight and all equanimously good on the ball.
We wonder, but what were the NBA scouts doing? Sleeping or what?
There is the MC flow, understandable to european ears (but we want to work on it, to learn…), the rythm, the music, and this Tanjareen girl who certainly has very strong statements…
Above all, the event is a clear celebration of friendship, of cultures and colors. A story of love, what else?… Thanks for the moment.
Pascal Dupont (Journalist & TV producer) and his son Louis.