Fabletics 3×3 Invitational

Hoopers Paradise

The 2nd annual Fabletics 3×3 invitational tournament tipped off on a bright November 12’th morning at the one and only Hooper’s Paradise. The tournament, sponsored by Fabletics Men, pitted 40 players from 12 teams in a race for the invitational cup, and in the end Team Altitude came out on top.

Team Altitude – Fabletics 3×3 Invitational Winners

Team Altitude (Alex Austin, Taylor Statham, Shoney, Glen Dandridge Jr. and Brandon Matano) defeated the Grizzly Moons led Underrated Youth (Brian “Grizzly Moons, Jordan ‘J Doota,’ Larry ‘Buddha’ Boyd) in the championship game, where Glen Dandridge Jr. was awarded the tournament’s MVP.

Congratulations to the whole Altitude squad, shout out to Fabletics Men who kept the players kitted in custom jerseys and premium event tees, and a special thanks to all the players and staff who set the vibes for the afternoon.

Team Underrated Youth – Runners Up

Outside of the tournament, the day was a welcome back to many of Los Angeles’ hoopers, in the down time between the non-stop summer league LA basketball season. Familiar faces from VBL days popped out to share the moment with players and fans. Dunkers Elvin Rodriguez, Brandon Matano, Quan Bailey and Zach Andrews showed out in the dunk contest, where former Laker Zach Andrews rode home on an electric bike entirely too small for his 6’8″ frame. 

White Iverson DC Heat 2v2

Wrapping up the day, YouTubers White Iverson and DC Heat popped out for a beach takeover and challenged multiple teams to beat them in a 2v2 game with $1,000 on the line.