The Bucket List Episode 1: Corcoran State Prison

Hooping inside jail with Between the Lines

Live and uncut from our trip to Corcoran State Prison with Between the Lines and the Hoopbus, we bring the first episode of our new series the Bucket List. The Bucket List follows the hoops journey as we check off some of the most iconic basketball experiences imaginable, so what better place to start than hooping behind bars.

With a team of greats including 3x NBA Champion Danny Green, BTL founders Lamont ‘Tory’ Stapleton and Darren Duncan and content-creator Nick Briz, we spent two days locked away inside Corcoran. The outpour of joy and love we received from the prisoners can’t be understated. Sharing through the game of basketball, we heard their stories, connected as people and were fortunate enough to join their world and give back hope. If you didn’t know, let it be clear that inmates can really hoop!

In society we have a duty to rehabilitate and reintegrate former prisoners back into the community, helping to bridge the gap between our worlds is one way of doing so. We hope you can learn and grow with us as you see the journey.