Wave Court Grand Reopening

June 4th Mission Beach

Veniceball Fam! Join us in a special tribute as we celebrate the grand reopening of the iconic Mission Beach basketball courts and honor NBA legend Bill Walton, who is being recognized for his outstanding public contributions during his 25 years with South Mission Beach Sports Parks and Rec.

The event will be held at South Mission Beach Sports Courts, 1 N. Jetty Rd, San Diego, CA 92109 on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 from 10:00a-6:00p

Featuring special guests appearances by Steve Lavin, Toreros Basketball, and Team HoopBus.

The event is powered by Veniceball, Project Backboard, and the Hoopbus™ with registration for the 5×5 tournament available HERE!

The vibrant court sits directly along the shoreline. In the summer, as the sun hangs high over the breezy SoCal town, and the beachfront swells with visitors, the asphalt shimmering with murky blue waves will attract hoopers from across San Diego. Serving as the home base for many a future pickup game, the fresh court sits, patiently waiting for summer to release schools, and return kids to the glory days of summer break. In honor of the bikes and backpacks which will line the court for years to come, the refurbished community park is getting the celebration it deserves!

The event will include a basketball clinic, a 5-on-5 tournament and a special ribbon cutting ceremony with Bill Walton. The court was professionally repaired and resurfaced by Match Point, which included filling in a major crack, updating poles and backboards and finishing the base with several coats to sustain the beach weather and active use at this facility. The wave inspired original artwork was created by Veniceball and Project Backboard to pay homage to the incredible beach the court resides on!

The team of Bill Walton, David Gill, Steve Lavin, San Diego’s Parks and Rec Department, Veniceball, Hoopbus and San Diego Beach Improvement Group worked together over multiple years to secure funding, provide oversight and administration for the court renovation project.

Thirteen years earlier at this same park, MatchPoint worked with San Diego Beach Improvement Group (SD BIG) to refurbish this basketball court. SD BIG is a 501c3 non-profit which focuses on keeping our San Diego beaches clean, well-maintained and beautiful. SD BIG has been working with Bill Walton and Parks and Rec since 2002 to support the maintenance and upkeep of these sports courts that include the basketball court as well as 14 beach volleyball courts. Over the years and with this support, over 1,000 people play on these sports courts weekly. Activities include beach cleanups, socials, painting utility boxes, sports events and implementing master plans. Learn more at www.SanDiegoBIG.org.