The greatest coffee table basketball book ever

We are proud and honored to be featured in Common Practice Basketball now available online. It features some of Nico Naismith very own basketball creations. This historical basketball culture book is the latest project from our partner and good friend Dan Peterson, founder of Project Backboard.

Common Practice Basketball is the first comprehensive, illustrated publication to explore the relationship between basketball and contemporary art. Featuring some of our own work, as well as projects from Keith Haring, KAWS and Salvador Dalí, this book sheds light on centuries of art that use basketball as a reflection of human experience.

We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking project and hope everyone is able to enjoy the craft, beauty and spirituality that comes alive in the pages through the art of basketball.

Thank you to Dan Peterson, Carlos Rolon, MadBasic & Project Backboard, and everyone who made this book possible!