Easter Hoop Hunt coming to an alley near you

Easter Hoop Hunt with Survival Hoops

Hey VBL Fam.

Since pandemic hit we challenged our Venice and global hoop community to keep Hoop alive and create hoops out of everyday objects… We now invite you to discover these hoops from our alleyway adventures. We found trash and made it hoopers treasure so we can play in the streets even during the lockdown.  

This scavenger hunt for hoops has a map attached dropping at noon PST on our instagram. This trail guides you to discover over 70 salvaged hoops posted up around Venice and Mar Vista, from a street post at a local market into our alleyways making them playgrounds again. 

We encourage safety precautions just as any rabbit would like looking both ways using eyes and ears. 

*Scooters, Skateboards, Strollers, and all wheels are encouraged.

Can‘t wait to see your hops!


When: Sunday 4/2 2-6 pm

Where: Follow the map throughout Venice Ball Courts Mar Vista Elementary, start from the nearest hoop to your home.

Discover gifts along the route, everything from shoes, chocolate and cash to clothes 

Peace- Love- Basketball

Here is a Teaser from our last episode with Chris Staples

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