Tokyo Tour / SomeCity Championship

            Our team ventured off to Tokyo, Japan to not only spread the culture, but also compete in the SomeCity Championship. We took streetball to the MAX with Norf Kakalaki, Trappy Smoov, and Bionic Brooks. The team competed in an intense 3v3 tournament and took home the 500,000¥ grand prize. This trip was an opportunity for our team to play against the country’s top streetball talent while inspiring the youth. We were also able to scout courts for future builds before the Olympics. Our team was ecstatic about expanding our reach, especially Trappy Smoov who had never left the country before. That is a perfect example of how this is more than basketball. Basketball opens doors for opportunities and friendships that may have seemed impossible prior. We also linked up with Bug Bug, who is the best basketball freestyle artist in the world. His unique style inspired us to continuously challenge ourselves to master our individual craft. We carefully curated a Tokyo drip clothing line that you can browse and shop on our site! All purchases directly impact the basketball community in a positive way.

Written by: Louis “Good Guy Lou” Murray