The Abbot Kinney Festival

On Sunday September 30th, the VBL crew hit the the streets of Venice for the 34th Annual Abbott Kinney Festival held here in Venice CA!  A Hundred thousand spectators came out to enjoy good music, great food, and of course our VBL pop-up show.


Our pop up shop featured our latest releases and of course signature basketballs. Located on the corner of Santa Clara and Abbott Kinney Blvd, we were at the epicenter of the festival and were able to get 100s of people from kids to grand parents involved. We definitely  brought some of the Venice beach vibes to Abbot.

During the day, the kids enjoyed a shoot around and participated in our games of “HORSE” and 2v2. Later on in the day we offered  $100 to anyone who could sink a half court shot from the middle of the street and Cameron from the Philippines was the lucky winner !

Thank you all who came up showed love and support. 


Victor Corral