VBL Semis & All-Star Recap

It’s crazy, we have one day left of Venice Basketball League. One more Sunday (Aug 12) and we slap a big bow on this historic season XII. This summer has been legendary. People don’t do what we do. People who haven’t witnessed it in person can’t comprehend. One more chance to be enlightened.
This past Sunday, the youth were enlightened by our very own Chinese Elite Basketball as they stormed the courts to see what social media sensation Devin In the Lab cooked up for them. 40 plus hungry students of the game got the education they came for as Dev took them through an array of moves to boost their arsenal.

Following that was the first semifinals game. Defending champions Los Fearless matched up with the powerhouse Green Lights. Bama and company going up against the 3 white giants. This game had all th the ingredients to be a classic and the game proved exactly that. Head to head, back and forth it went, neither team giving an inch. With 6 seconds left Los Fearless was down by 3 and relied on their star big man Steroid Ambassador. Inbounds to motherland, Steroid Ambassador came off a screen, cash money to tie the game and send it to overtime! Overtime was a battle of free throws in which Green Lights prevailed. Final score 52-49. Green Lights moves on to the finals!

We rewound the clock and had our high school showcase game pickup style. First to 15 wins. At the end of this battle our friend Gabe from G2 Athletics in Canada challenged our Veniceball locals for $100.
That was a generous donation as vbl took his money real quick!

Up next we kicked off dunk fest 3.0 with high flyers such as Jumping Joe, Chris Staples, Deshaun Patterson, Evin Bartlett, and Mr. Kabeya. This layup line was filled with crazy above the rim action and a star struck crowd which lead us perfectly to our all star game.

To cap off the afternoon, the rematch between Sunblock and Project Backboard. The game kicked of with an all star starting 5 and sunblock establishing an early lead. That same lead started getting slimmer and slimmer and by the 3rd quarter project backboard held all the momentum. Never looking back the final score was 45-60.  Project backboard gets its revenge along with a chance at the chip.

Thank you to all of our incredible fans, sponsors, and everyone that makes this magic happen. Championship and Ron Beals day on August 12th. Don’t miss that for anything!