J Clark the Jumper is crowned VBL DunkFest 2.0 Champion

The world’s highest fliers descended on Venice Beach for the Venice Basketball League DunkFest 2.0 this past Saturday. Hosted by Los Angeles Laker Larry Nance, Jr and his father Larry Nance the first ever NBA slam dunk champion. The contest featured an all-star panel of judges including Memphis Grizzly Ben McLemore, Bleacher Report sports journalist Josh Martin, fitness model Qimmah Russo, legendary photographer Mike Miller and former NBA Laker Samaki Walker.

Highlighting the event were a number of marquee dunkers, including dunk pioneer Taurian “Air Up There” Fontenette, Michael Purdie, Myree Bowden aka Reemix, Jonathan Clark, Australian sensation Brodie Stevens, Adom Jacko, and Jared Roth aka Desert Flight.

Jonathan Clark took home the trophy by making history, dunking on an 11’8” inch rim, a new world record for an outdoor competition, before throwing down a reverse dunk over a wall of 4 beautiful lady volunteers and second place finisher Myree Bowden aka Reemix.

Photo by Jeremy Renault & Mike Miller