VBL Indoor Season Opener Recap

The VBL Indoor League is back for an other season.
With most of the top prospect playing college and overseas it will be interesting to see who will stand out and make some noise this winter!
Stay tuned for Highlights… #GameNeverstops
12pm HairDoo 52 VS Ladera Heights 64
Player of the Game Anthony Davis 25pts, 7rbs, 3asts12669557_940945965989612_7680477925807732711_n

1pm No Limit 79 VS The Corporation 76
Player of the Game Corey Hall 27pts, 8rbs, 2asts
2pm Young Fame 67 VS Sunblock 58
Player of the Game Julius Billbrew aka Juice 26pts, 5rbs, 3asts, 2sts
3pm Very Blessed Life 90  VS United Nationz 98
Player of the Game Gabby Nazar aka Banks 23pts, 4rbs, 3asts
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