Week 9 schedule + MVP candidate race

1) T-Will  22.3pts 10.3rebs 1.8asts 1.5stls  (4 games played)  4-0 Future Legends
2) Grandpa Dew  20pts 6.6rebs 5.2asts 3.2stls (5 games played ) 4-2 Overthrown
3) No Fear  22pts 7.2rebs 5asts 3stls (5 games played) 4-2 Swagg Media
4) Ian Francis  15.8pts 8.6rebs 2.4asts 2.2blks 2stls (5 games played) 5-1 UN
Honorable Mentions
Chosen One  12.6pts 4.4rebs 7asts 4.2stls (5 games played ) 4-1 HOF
PD  16.8pts 5rebs 2.7asts 1.7stls (6 games played) 3-3 Pandas
Ozi  19.8pts 10.8rebs 2asts 2.3stls 1blk (4 games played) 1-5 Corporation
Smitty  22.8pts 5rebs 5asts 3.3stls (4 games played) 1-5 Corp
Donald Lee  16.2pts 7.8rebs 2.6asts (5 games played) 2-4 Sunblock


As always will Tip Off with KVBL 9am

12:00pm Tip Off Ballerz World vs Sunblock

1:15pm  Future Legends vs I’m Just Different

*** This game was postponed due to rain week 7, July 19th.  The game will pick up at the beginning of the 2nd half with the same score 36 – 29 in favor of Future Legends

 2:00pm  I’m Just Different vs Mean Ones

3:15pm  Hall of Fame vs Swagg Media

4:30pm  United Nationz vs Kings Academy

BYES: Pandas, Overthrown, Corporation