Beach shuttle for fans and players

Parking on Sunday’s in Venice can get complicated and pricy. The best advice we can tell you is to car pool and get there early as parking rates go up in the afternoon.

Here are a few options you could use for parking:

#1 – The VBL shuttle for VBL players + 2 guests only

You can tell your team that they can park in the local neighborhoods next to Oakwood Rec Center, 767 California Ave, Venice 90291 and a shuttle will pick up and drop off every hour on the hour. There is also an outdoor court for your team to practice and warm up at if you show up early enough. Bryan Jones (yes, our 3rd Bryan of the VBL team) from Hoop Foundation will be in charge of this service. You can reach him on his cell @ (323) 537 – 3702. Parking in the area along with this service will be free. Hoop Foundation and KVBL will be accepting donations.

#2- FREE shuttle option for all our fans:

Visit www.lagobus.com for more info


#3- Cheap parking alternative:

$10 at Westminster elementary school ( 3 min walk to the courts)