VBL indoors 2014 Championship


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A new king was crowned on championship Saturday at Oakwood gym.  In an interesting turn of events the finals featured two teams that both finished the season in the bottom half of the bracket.

Undefeated Alpha was eliminated from the 2014 VBL Indoors playoffs after failing to show up for their semi final match up with Ladera Park. They were the #1 seed and had to take care of business in Las Vegas. They will come into the summer as #1 ranked team. In the second game of the day it was No Limit and Sun Block matching up in a battle that included summer MVP T-Will facing off against VBL favorite the Mute with both scoring 30 points apiece.  With plenty of support from his teammates including an all around performance by I Deliver it was No Limit moving on to face Ladera in the back to back.
AD and (not Chuck but? check scorebook) kept it competitive through 3 quarters but the defensive tenacity and discipline of No Limit outlasted Ladera in the end.  Congrats to No Limit on their first ever VBL Championship and to T-Will on earning his second MVP in one year.
Standouts this season were The Mute, King Saul, AD, I Deliver, Touch of Grey, Young Fab, Mike Jones and the Woodi wood Pecker… Stay tuned to all updates and cool photos on our Instagram

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