VBL 2nd Episode – Program and updates

 SUNDAY June 16th 2013
Here is the schedule for this week
KVBL 9am to noon
Court 1
12:30  ROTN vs NCAA Boys
Featured Game
1:45    SPL vs White Collars
Main event
3:00    Jet Lux vs Mean Ones
Grand Finale
4:15    Sunblock vs Beach Warriors
OG Courts
Youth Summer Games
Noon: 11 and under game
1pm: 14 and under game
Weekly Special
2pm: Father’s day Special Game >> For all the dads
That hypep up Game
3pm: Well Respected vs Free Agents
Scratch Academy in the Mix, Your resident DJ AK and The School Tour providing you with music and entertainment.
Line up Of Entertainers
– 12.30pm: Carington and the dancers
– 2 pm: Ashley Little John performance and National Anthem beginning of game 3
– 3.30 pm: SPECIAL GUEST
– 4.30pm : Raminez – Double Head Jazz
IMPORTANT: Bring your kids and invite your friends’ kids out to the KVBL Natural Leaders Camp.  Every Sunday morning 9-12.  If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions
Brian Matsumoto at BMATS@veniceball.com
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