Who is Jon Nash? A VBL pioneer, a leader, one who does it for the kids


VBL began as the “Sunshine Baller Tournament in summer 2007.  After a successful creation of hit TV show Ballin, Jon ( a Venice Beach legend) was brought on to capture the legendary tourney that featured Bone Collector, Sick Wit It, Keith Closs and many greats. This event was such a hit that founder Nick Ansom and Jon decided to turn it into a league in 2008. By popular demand in 2009 the Kids Venice Basketball League (KVBL) was born. 

In 2012 Jon Nash Founded the internationally recognized youth leadership movement Natural Leaders Foundation. The mission of Natural Leaders is to mentor children and their communities to love, trust, respect and connect with themselves, their peers and Mother Earth through a unique program that includes: teamwork and leadership training, circle of trust sharing, interactive sustainability and permaculture education, positive affirmations, health, wellness and fitness coaching & Tribal Sessions and Rites of Passage Sacred Ceremony.

Natural Leaders provides our global community tools, opportunities and profound experiences in order to learn, grow and flourish in their environment, and naturally inspire leaders that will transform our world. It starts in Venice Beach, California, and moves out to the planet.

Children Lead Us “CLU” TV Network

If you don’t have a Clue, get a CLU… At CLU TV Network, the CHILDREN choose stories according to what the view as positive, healthy choices for our planet to thrive. They write, produce, direct, camera operate, edit, design and market TV and web campaigns supporting companies and high profile pioneers of all ages that are in alignment with the children’s “CLU APPROVED” standards.