Los Angeles, CA
/ July 21

Venice Beach Courts

1800 Ocean Front Walk

Venice, CA 90291

Registration: 11AM
Start Time: Noon

KOTR third year in the making at Venice Beach.
Clutch won the first year, The Heart won the 2nd and automatically qualify to the rock. Who will take it this year and hopefully bring home the $20,0000 back from Alcatraz.


On September 18, 2010, history was made when Red Bull King of the Rock, a one-on-one basketball tournament, was held on the notorious prison yard on Alcatraz Island. When it got down to the final two, it couldn’t have been written any better. Los Angeles’ Isaiah “Clutch” Bowman and Phoenix’s Gary Smith played an intense game that lasted for hours, ending only after Clutch drained a game winner with two seconds left on the clock. The event marked the first time ever an official sporting event had been held on what is nicknamed, The Rock. In 2011, history repeated itself as Red Bull King of the Rock returned to the island, but it also marked the year that the competition became international. The top 64 streetballers from around the globe laced up their sneakers and battled it out for the title of “King.” When it came down to the final two players, it was a well-known streetballer from Washington D.C. nicknamed “Baby Shaq” who took first place and the title. The year 2012 will bring even more international talent to the unforgiving island as a new group of 64 aspiring “Kings,” from 25 different countries, will show the world if they have what it takes to be this year’s Red Bull King of the Rock.
The first time ever an official sporting event
had been held on … The Rock.

Here’s how it works, the qualifiers and finals will incorporate the normal one-on-one basketball set-up where players go head-to-head on an outdoor court, using a single elimination tournament bracket. In other words, it’s win or go home. The rules and scoring will be the same as regular hoops, shots will either count as 2 or 3 points and five fouls is an automatic L. Here’s where things get crazy, the players will engage in four intense half-court games going on at once, each getting it’s own referee, court manager and scoreboard. All winners must immediately proceed onto the next court to face another player, this is where a player must bring his A-game and show some serious stamina, if he wants to be crowned Red Bull King of the Rock.