Halloween Extravaganza Gallery

Our 3 on 3 tournament went down in history as the first ever costume co-ed basketball tournament. We had 18 teams of all ages up to 68 years old and as young as 8. The sun was shining at it’s brightest all day and went down in a wild Halloween orange to kick off the evening. Special Thanks to our All Star Celebrity’s in attendance like NBA veteran Marc Jackson, Silk the Shocker and his son lil King, Shrek, Clipper Darrel, DB, Young Hollywood, Air Dogg, Basketball Man… The winning team: Doc Ellis “King”, Zack Fray “The Burgler”, Sheldon Bayley “Happy Feet”… The Lady Super Heroes Stef & Nicole, Scratch Academy killing the sounds… And everyone who came out to show support!


Stay tuned for our Santa Slam 3rd Edition